Fall Fashion with GUCCI!!!!

Hi Beauties !!! So as you guys know summer is ended but there is one exciting part that we all love “Fall Fashion” So its time to turn those frowns upside down with GUCCI’s  latest collection for Fall. So I been searching on the web lately for some cool fashion items. And I found Gucci, they have some really cool dress with superb quality . And I totally love their collection of handbags so neat and modern a way to spice up your look with style. For some of us GUCCI  is a Little expensive but the color, quality, design is worth spending your money.

For Fall I have put together this Neutral look with Gucci, Its very wild and modern fits today’s “Fall Fashion” looks. I really like the Double Zebra Print coat for fall. I thinks its something unique and different and you can work a lot of ways to wear this coat.

So that was my fall fashion look with Gucci, hope you guys liked it and what do you think? Do let me know in the comments below. And stay tune for more 🙂

In the picture above:

The two dresses are both from : http://www.gucci.com

The neutral dress you get from here : Gucci

The Double Zebra print Breasted coat you get from here: Gucci


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