Treat For The Weekends: “Yummy Snacks”


Hi Guys!! So today I wanted to do a Treat For The Weekend post on “Yummy Snacks” These are very quick and easy recipes that you can easily do. It’s really fun and less time consuming ! So lets go on those recipes now :



 Try this new  twist on an old Favorite!

 You Will Need:

2220g granulated sugar

110g honey

1/4 litre water

45g. butter

large bowl of popped popcorn


Mix all ingredients in a pot. Except popcorn. and cook on medium heat until melted ( until the mixture bubbles). Pour over salted popcorn. Mix thoroughly and mold into balls. And Ready To Dig In !!

ice cream sundae



  Get your friends in on the fun and let them make their own sundaes!

 You Will Need:

Chocolate ice cream                   Chopped nuts

Vanilla ice cream                        Hot Fudge

Sprinkles                                       Cherries

Chocolate Chips                           Whipped Cream

Let Everyone create their own ice-cream sensation. Be sure to set out plenty of napkins!

Pop Star Party Punch

Go Glam with this fizzy party punch!

Party Punch


You Will Need:

1/2 litre fruit juice

170g fruit squash

1 litre soda water

     HINT: Stick to the same fruit flavor for the juice, squash and soda water( or you can use plain soda water )


Pour the fruit juice and squash into a pitcher and mix well. Chill it overnight. Right before you serve it. Pour the soda water into the juice mix. Serve over crushed ice.

chocolate-bread sticks



Plain old bread?  No way  –  Try These!

 You will Need

Bread sticks

Peanut butter

Chocolate chips

    Dip a bread stick in peanut butter. Roll the bread stick in chocolate chips. Yummy!

Well Guys theses are my Yummy Snacks for the weekend treat 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed your weekends and do try theses “Yummy Snacks” and let me know what do you think in the comments below.


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