How to Add Waves in you Hair

Hi Beauties, Well I have seen lots of girls wanting to have wavy hairs. Well there’s no problem in making your hairs wavy in an instant. This will give you some incredible volume and waves! So lets get started with the steps!

You’ll only need a curling rod, hair spray and a clip to separate your hairs or if you want to add shine then a frizz fighting gloss as well.

  • First, separate your hair into to sections, put a clip on so your hair doesn’t get tangled with the other side.
  • Take your curling iron and start with one section, working your way from back to front. Take 1-2″ strands of hair and curl the hair outwards with the barrel pointing away from your face. Hold the iron for about 10 seconds depending on the thickness of your hair. Repeat this step until all of your strands are curled.
  • Now gently with your fingers shake those curls to make that wavy effect.
  • Lastly, add some hair spray to ensure that your waves stay put. For extra volume, flip your hair over and spray at the roots.
  • Finish off with a frizz fighting gloss and run it slowly over your strands to add some shine.

There you go girls! No problem at all.

So what do you think are you going to get waves in your hairs?

Photo Credit:  DolceDolce.


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