Mani Monday: Fall trend “Metallics”

Hi Guys, Today’s Mani Monday is so trendy and chic!  Metallic’s are so in this fall season. I love how they look so shiny and stylish. They can almost go with any of your outfit. You can use any metallic color nail polish to do this trend. It can be gold, bronze, or silver.

You can style this Mani by wearing a silver maxi dress or wearing a short black dress because the black dress is really going to compliment your nails. You can take a silver sequins clutch or a black studded clutch. Wear some heel sandals for even more style.  If you add some rings to your accessories, it will totally look completed! What ever you prefer for the hair. And for the makeup I suggest putting a black eyeliner to make it perfect, you don’t want to make it too over board.

So this is how I suggest to style this Metallic Nail Polish. What do you think about this Metallic Nail Polish, and how would you prefer to style this Mani? 

Leave your answer in the comments below…


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