Mani Monday: Ombre Nails!

Hi Guys! You must have remember our Mani Monday post about Metallic Nail Art. So I decided to do another Mani Monday post about Ombre Nails. Well I have seen that they are really trendy now-a-days. So, I’ve pulled some of the coolest ombre manis around just so you can check them out. Take a peek below and let me know what you think…

1. I saw this image at Luuux and I love how the colors look great in this mani!

2. This is one of my favourite as well. It’s so pretty and girly. If you want to achieve this look then click here!

3. This mani is so cool and refreshing that I got from scoopcharlotte

Looking at all of these amazing ombre manicures, has me inspired to try each and every one!

Which one of these ombre manis do you like best? And If you missed my other post “Mani Monday: Glitter Nail Art”.  Click to check it out!

Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below—I’ll let you know if my fav is the same one!


6 comments on “Mani Monday: Ombre Nails!

  1. Hannah says:

    Thanks for featuring my design!

  2. Naomi says:

    I love the ombre look!

  3. Fabulous blog and post – love the 2nd set, looks like a sunset! I’m new to blogging – fancy having a look at my page? – thanks 🙂

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