Wrist Candy and Arm Bling!

Hi Beauty Lovers…. I am obsessed with wrist candy and arm bling. You must be too! I just love adding cool accessories to my arm. It makes your arm look so stylish and trendy. I am especially fond of stacking several on my wrist, I may have gotten this from my friends who are known to have an arm full of bling. I love a trend that is easy to create, is really fun and can be personalised to show off individual style and taste. This particular trend is all about mixing and matching lots of bracelets {and you can throw in a watch there too if you wish so}. Its all about grabbing all your favourite bracelets and layering them up to give yourself wrists fit for an emperor! You can recreate this look from what you already have in your jewellery draw. Chains, bangles, leather straps, knotted threads, big, small, thin, chunky, gold, silver ~ whatever you have is sure to work out. And I am so loving this current trend and especially enjoy seeing the variety in wrist candy choices…

1. My personal favourite wrist candy!

2. Ultra Glam!

3. Super Stylish

4. Bling in Gold!

5.  Spice up with Silver!

6. Pretty Cool!

So Guys, I love all the wrist candy but my personal favourite was the first one. Which wrist candy is your favourite one? Leave your comments below…

If you want to have some bling around your neck! Check out my other post about: Embellished Collars 


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