Perfect Purple Nail Polish with Raining Glitter!

Hi Beauties! Sorry for not posting these days well I was actually really busy but now I am back 🙂 So I thought of posting a really great purple raining glitter nail polish. It really inspired me of doing it so I thought it could inspire you guys too! This look is really easy to pull of and it doesn’t require so much time! Take a look below for acquiring this great look.

  • First apply a great bright purple nail polish.
  • Then take a white glitter nail polish and spread it on a  paper. Now take any old tooth brush and tap it on the nail polish.
  • Now just sprinkle it on your nails, where ever you want the effect. Now there you have it, your perfect purple nail polish with raining glitter. So thats it folks!

I hope you love this effect of raining glitter. I will definitely try this my-self as well. Let me know what you guys think about this nail polish effect in the comments below…..

Photo Credit: beautylish


2 comments on “Perfect Purple Nail Polish with Raining Glitter!

  1. naznia says:

    I finally gave in and got myself glitter nail polish and was looking for fun ways to wear it. I will have to give this a try…I love how it fades. I don’t really trust myself doing this but definitely worth a shot. =)

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