Great Gift Guide for Girls!

Hi Beauties!  These are some great gift guide for your Girly friends! I know you must be having trouble figuring out some gifts  for your friends  but not to worry, you have come to the right place. So I’ll be featuring some of my great gift ideas with you guys in the post below!

1. Nail Polish Trio

Nail Polish is the best thing to give to your girl friends! I really mean it, it’s a really great idea. Plus every girl loves a great nail polish set. Give your girlfriends the gift to fresh Mani Mondays by picking up a few cool polishes at your local drug store.  Get this great Nail Polish Trio!

2. Cool Phone Case

Give your girlies a cool and cute Phone Case which they will love, I guaranteei it. Which girl doesn’t live without a Phone with a cool case. Just kidding, I mean you can live without it but you wouldn’t want to miss a great opportunity. You can shop great I Phone, Blackberry, Samsung and much more Phone case on Cellairis

3. Dripped Candles

Dripped Candles is a great gift to give a friend. They really light up your house in a beautiful way. So be sure to add this item in your gift list because it can be a really great gift!  Get these colourful dripped candles at Free

4. Diaries

If your friend loves writing diaries or notes then you can give her a perfect diary. Which she’ll love! You can buy this diary at ohsocherished .

5. Book Clutch

Try giving your friend a great book clutch. If your friend love’s carrying books around than she’ll love this great book clutch in which she can store her phone, pens, pencils etc. Its really trendy and every girl would love to have this as a gift! You can buy it at or you can make one your self by Clicking Here for this great Book Clutch tutorial.

6. Pendents

Such cute shaped pendent are liked by any girl. They can be really inexpensive and a great gift for your friends. You can buy such pendents at,  etc.

7. NYX  Lip Gloss – Set of 3

These trio lip glosses are a great gift for your friend and you. They are only for $10, really inexpensive. Go get them now at urbanoutfitters.

8. Large Studded Earphones

Really cool and stylish gift. Your friends will love such a present like this but it’s a little too expensive gift item. If you can’t afford this than do prefer one of the above items. You can get this Large Studded Easphones at

9. Wrist Watch

A really great wrist watch can be a very useful gift.  Buy really cool watches at shoedazzle

10. Cluthes

A really cute Clutch will make your friend love you!  There are all sorts of Clutches available at shoedazzle nor that expensive.

So this was my Gift Guide list for you guys!  Hope you like it. If you have any thoughts and ideas, leave your answer in the comments below!

Enjoy 🙂


2 comments on “Great Gift Guide for Girls!

  1. These are great gift picks! I love the glittery polishes, the dipped candles, and the diary! I got my girlfriends handmade jewelry from Gatlinburg this year, but shhhhh – don’t tell them 😉

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