Glitter Nail Arts !

Hi Beauties, Today I was browsing Pinterest and i got these amazing glitter nails arts, that were a must to share with all of you ! They all are super trendy! I always,

think when you put glitter on your nail less is always more!  And This was the case, these all nail arts make big fashion statement with their design of glitter!

A very pretty pink glitter nail art, with such a creative design !

pink glitter

A very trendy black & Gold Nail art! I love how the golden glitter looks so on it!

A very pretty and lady like Nail Art! Love the touch pink glitter on pink nails !

pink glitter

A super cool mint nail art !


So Beauties, what do you think of these lovely nail arts ! Gorgeous right 🙂 Tell me in the comments below which one is your favorite out of  all these four nail arts.



2 comments on “Glitter Nail Arts !

  1. fortheloveoflucie says:

    Wow love your nail varnish colour

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