Lovely Nail Arts !

soft pink nail artHi guys today, I am going to share with some of the loveliest nail arts, that personally myself would love to try them out ! I really love the soft colors used in this manicure! Lovely & Sweet two in one !

purpleloveLove this manicure in purple so street smart and Fun to try it out ! And if your new to nail arts them learn “how to make hearts on your nails” by Styletiptop!

funky and freshThis is a colorful manicure with great color contrast!  Sometimes its fun to even color your nails differently !!!

blue leopard print

Wow , who thought there could a blue leopard print nail art! Its funky and fresh !

Well that’s it guys for today ! Tell in the comments below which nail art is your absolute favorite and I will tell you mine 🙂


2 comments on “Lovely Nail Arts !

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    Wow! The navy blue design with the white hearts is gorgeous.

    – KW

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